16 years of industry experience
Cangzhou Tyton Pipe Fittings Co.,Ltd. as one of the leading manufacture,specializing in producing & exporting stainless steel pipe fittings & valves. We also have cooperated with many clients to successfully develop their OEM products according to their special dimensions & design,that has created our creditable reputation in the stainless steel field. Our products are outstanding quality,consistent performance,and exceptional value. we strictly control the whole manufacturing process by our team , from the R&D, engineerings, foundry, metal tests, chemical composition analysis,CNC machinings,assemblings to quality-pass inspections are absolutely operated by the progressive equipments.The high quality and the strictly control allowed us to keep the ISO9001:2015, ISO 4144:2003(E), CE 0035, PED-AD2000, ATEX etc. certifica
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